29 April 2017 Lisbon, Portugal


I Finally tried the burgers from Ground Burger. I say finally because I live in Lisbon and there’s one relatively close to me (2 minute walk)

Well, last Tuesday I went there with three cute girls, Inês, Rita and Inês (no, it’s not a mistake), to taste the so-called hamburger and milkshakes. And it didn’t disappoint. The meat has quality, and it’s a plus that most of the menu is made there. Homemade always has a special touch. The space, for those who like to take photos of the food, is perfect. Large windows let in lots of natural light and the marble tables are perfect for a (or 10) flatlay.

My only critique to point out is really the price. While it is worth investing in product quality, it may be annoying to some that all the extras have to be paid for individually (chips, drink, etc).
Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 148, 1050-078 Lisboa

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  1. O espaço parece-me brutal e se a comida é tão boa como dizes, fico tentada a experimentar!

    Marli, do My Own Anatomy ♥




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